(c) Is capable of acquiring, holding or disposing of any property, movable or immovable for the purpose of carrying out any of its functions under the Law.


The objects of the Agency are to:

(a) Ensure probity, accountability and transparency

(b) Establish fair pricing standard and benchmarks;

(c) Ensure the application of fair, competitive, transparent and value-for-money standards and practices for the procurement and disposal of public assets and services.

(d) Create ample opportunities for the citizenry particularly small and medium scale

enterprises to partake in the economic opportunities and benefits of public procurement.

(e) Create a cost and time efficient and effective adjudicatory mechanism for the resolution of complaints arising from the public procurement process in the State, and its Local Governments filed by procuring entities, bidders and the general public; and

(f) Attain transparency, competitiveness and professionalism in the public procurement System.